Dogs NOT Allowed…

Summer really IS coming!  And with those warmer days, we all spend more time with our furry friends….. just a friendly reminder to please leave your dogs home when you visit the Pine Cone Grill – or plan on using the table near the parking lot if you cannot leave them in a well ventilated vehicle.  THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE YARD – IF YOU COME BY BOAT, LEAVE THEM ON YOUR BOAT.  THERE ARE PLENTY OF PUBLIC SITES ON THE LAKE TO LET THEM STRETCH THEIR LEGS!  Our staff does not need to be given attitude for asking you to follow the rule like most of our customers do.  IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT to bring them on our property.  About twice a week, we have someone who disregards our request, shouts at us, continues to disregard our request, argues when we ask for a second and third time, leaves in a huff – with their food half cooked and now a complete waste to us.  REALLY???  I certainly hope Karma sends them someone to disrespect them and their property!  We made the rule because many would not keep their dogs leashed and off our tables.  We don’t need more instances with toddlers being knocked over, or a dog left to bark for an hour so no-one else can enjoy sitting outside.  And while your dog may be well behaved, it’s not fair to everyone else who abides by our rule.  We love dogs, but we love them most when they’re left on your own property, boat or vehicle…. thank you for respecting us, and our property.

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