Geocaching 101

New to Geocaching? It’s a treasure hunt that the entire family can participate in – and a way to explore the area you’re in using a gps unit – or your cell phone or tablet with the geocaching app. The intro video from the app is posted below. This website explains the “how to get started”. Then you can log on to the site for geocache locations wherever you are in the world! Great outdoor family fun! A couple of our reported Elusive Wanakena Ganalupe sighting happen to coincide with local geocaches, so a double hunt is on!


These are your first few local geocaches if using a GPS unit – distances are starting from Pine Cone Grill (see first pic below) – BUT REMEMBER, distances are as a crow flies, so the challenge is to locate the best route to your target 😄 Using a mobile phone or Ipad? Even easier after you download the app! (see pics 2 & 3 below). With the app, you just hit ‘Start’! Get out and explore our beautiful area!


If attempting to Geocache OFFLINE, prepare by downloading the Topo App seen below, save your map area for offline use, and then click on my link below for the local waypoints. Or go to’s Wanakena/ Cranberry Lake waypoints for a huge, complete list with difficulty ratings, comments etc. ‘Save to GPX’ file will ask if you want to save the point in your new Topo App – and then SO easy to use!

Wanakena Area Waypoints:


Instead of the Topo App, download Waypoints into Google Earth App. The waypoints will download with location coordinates, but you will lose the title and hints. OR purchase the Premium version at for the easiest use. Another that I haven’t tried is c:Geo, a free version as well. You can also manually enter coordinates into Google Maps, and download for offline use. This is a pretty labor-intensive route if you plan on doing many hunts.

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