FALL 2021

68B Ranger School Rd, Wanakena NY 13695

IF VACCINATED, you do not need to wear a mask. We appreciate your patience as we resume some kind of “normal”. Stay safe, stay sane, stay polite 🥰 Enjoy our indoor seating as well as outdoor picnic tables!
*PLEASE NOTE… No, we do not take reservations. And since we are working on a bare-bones staff, we rarely answer the phone. We feel it’s rude to leave the customer we’re waiting on to take yet another phone call – most of which are spam anyhow. Please leave a message if you need more information than what is here, or on our phone message. Thank you for understanding that the customer standing in front of us deserves the best we can give.

Location 68B Ranger School Rd, Wanakena, NY 13695 Phone 315-309-4040 E-mail pcgwanakena@icloud.com Hours Open Tuesday & Wednesday 8am-3pm. Thursday, Friday & Saturday 8am-7pm. ONLINE ORDERS ACCEPTED 11am until 1/2 hour before closing time.
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